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Today, teens are faced with enormous pressures which can lead to unhealthy coping skills and stress. Some of the services that may be beneficial to your teen would be:

  • Development of healthy coping skills for various mental health issues
  • Effective ways to communicate with family or friends
  • The importance of all around wellness
  • How to effectively process emotions in a way to empower your teen and build confidence
Individual Therapy

As adults trying to navigate this world, there are bound to be difficulties at one point or another. Seeking therapy at Zaragoza Counseling can help you work through issues by:

  • Being a guided support when going through a life change which may include your career, family, or relationships
  • Providing a safe and private place to process difficult emotions
  • Helping you to gain useful coping skills that can be used for months or years to come
  • Working together to prioritize goals to maintain accountability and focus for success
Couples Therapy

Being in a relationship is one of the most important relationships we will have. There will be times where additional support from a therapist may help you move past some difficult spots by:

  • Teaching couples how to communicate with love and respect
  • Identifying where the trouble is and actively work on a solution to promote recovery
  • Building trust
  • Getting couples to rediscover their strengths as partners
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