Teen, Adult & Couples Therapy Services

Helping individuals navigate through life’s circumstances by tailoring treatment plans to their individual needs and goals.
Our Purpose

Zaragoza Counseling & Consulting’s purpose is to help guide you or your family in a way that encourages healthy coping skills, communication building, and healing. This will be done in a way that is unique to your own personal needs with specific goals in mind.

Our Values

Zaragoza Counseling & Consulting values the individual and family in achieving a desired outcome. Through honest and open dialogue we hope to help you and your loved ones feel empowered and confident to work through life’s difficulties.

Our Mission

Zaragoza Counseling & Consulting’s mission is to provide you with effective, goal oriented talk therapy. It is important that we come together to clearly define the areas of work and create a plan to achieve the intended outcome. Zaragoza Counseling aims to work with adolescents, adults, and couples in fulfilling their therapeutic needs. This is done with both the therapist and client in a way to make sure to keep everyone on the same page. Through this collaborative process we can meet the goals you’ve set out to achieve.

Our Services

Zaragoza Counseling & Consulting provides teens, adults and couples therapy services for a variety of different reasons.


We work towards identifying where the stressors are and develop healthy and effective coping strategies.


We aim to foster healthy relationships in all areas of life through learning how to properly express and listen to others with love and respect.


Trauma affects people in unique ways. We work on finding where the trauma originated and reprocess the negative emotions attached to it.


Addiction can be a significant barrier when trying to achieve mental health goals. We will focus how to more effectively manage the triggers that lead to addiction, and replace the unhealthy coping skills with more long term healthier ones.

Personal Growth

Life is ever changing and dynamic, therapy can be a wonderful tool to provide support or guidance when faced with these inevitable events.